Haarlem and Amsterdam in black and white


Black and white photography is something I normally don’t do. But sometimes, while editing, I take out all the colors to see how that goes. And sometimes it can be pretty interesting. So that’s why I decided to turn all my pictures of Haarlem and Amsterdam in black and white. From that day I was […]

Thank God It's Monday

Learning to talk about myself in public


I’m good in hiding myself behind screens or cameras. I don’t have to be in the spotlight. At least not live in the spotlight. Because on social media or on my blog, I feel like I can say anything (almost anything, because sometimes it can be scary too). But put me in a group of […]

His very first Spring


There she is again, Spring. It’s like you blink with your eyes and suddenly everything is in bloom. As if you ended up in a new world. A world that’s glowing and that’s happy. Like you’re in a dream. Each year over and over again. No wonder I call this my favorite season (although I […]

April goals: visiting a Dutch city with you!


April has arrived. I’m feeling better and better each days and though I’m still not there yet, Spring is making me a lot more happier. Because of this, and because I like to help myself feeling better again, I wrote down some goals for this month. A few of them I would like to share […]