Raja Ampat

Stand up straight and be thankful


It’s okay if you’re feeling okay, as long as you can get yourself out of that hole. The question however is how you can do this. First look for the cause of it, is what they say, and then work on those problems. But I think it can also be good if you look at […]


Sharing some Instalove – part 7


On the 8th this month it was World Women’s Day and because I didn’t post anything on my blog that day, I thought I would make an Instagram post with only women this time. Yeahhh, girlpower! (Or something like that.) It’s a various list, with portrait, street photography and interior/lifestyle. @rusticbones Ik love earthy colors […]

A letter for my friend Spring


Spring, oh Spring. You’re so good to me. I’m still not there yet and your appearance won’t make me feel fit, super healthy and a completely happy person yet. But all tiny bits can help and you’re part in this is bigger than you think. When I wake up because of the sun light that […]


Foggy Utrecht, my favorite mood


My alarm goes off. ugh, I’m so not ready for this day. As if I haven’t slept at all last night. However, it doesn’t stop me from peeking on my phone with my extremely tired eyes. A message from Glenn. That can only mean one thing. Before I even read his message, I open the […]

favoriete bloggers

Favorite bloggers


I’ve been sharing my favorite Instagrammers on my blog, but it’s about time I’m sharing my favorite bloggers with you as well. They’re not the most smallest or unknown bloggers, but that’s actually kind of obvious since they’re really good at what they do. From photography to #girlboss-blogs and fine, little messages about home. In […]